Studio-A Equipment

Digidesign Pro Tools HD-3 Accel (64 outputs, 32 inputs)
Digidesign Sync I/O,MIDI I/O, numerous plug-ins
Mac G4 dual 1.25 2 Apple 20" Flat Screens, Samsung 42” plasma screen

(2) Sony DMX R-100 96 chnanel digital console
with total store and recall of all settings, and motorized faders
Neve 5432 8 channel broadcast side car mixer

Mic Pre Amps & Equalizers, Compressors
Neve 8 channel console mic pres/EQs
Focusrite ISA 215 dual channel
Focusrite ISA 430 channel (2)
Vintech X81 class-A (Neve 1081 clone) (4)
Daking 52270B pre amp (2)
Avalon 737 Tube Channel
Universal 2-610 dual channel
Tubetech PE 1C tube EQ (Pultec clone)
HSE Class-A Parametric EQ
Milenia Media STT-1 Tube Channel
Empirical Labs Distressor (with British mod) (2)
Universal LA2A
Universal 1176
Urei LA4A (2)
DBX 165A VU (3)
DBX 160A
Smart Research C2 stereo
Joe Meek SC-2 stereo
Toft ATC-2 stereo
Valley Audio PR-2
Altec 1612A

Lexicon 480 L with LARC reverb
Lexicon LXP-15 reverb
Eventide H-3000 SE Harmonizer
Roland SDE-1000 DDL (2)
Korg SDD-2000 DDL (2)
Symetrix Ti 101 phone patch
Hush II CX
Apogee Rosetta 800 Converters

Neumann U-87 (2)
Neumann M149 Tube
Soundelux E-47 Tube
Shure KSM-44 (2)
Shure KSM 141 (2)
AKG C-414 UBL (2)
AKG D-25
AEA R84 Ribbon (2)
Sennheiser 602 (4)
Studio Projects T3 Tube (2)
Studio Projects C3 FET (2)
Studio Projects C2 FET (2)
Shure SM-57 (2)
Milab DC63, DC96, DC73, LC25,CL4
Equitek 300
Beyer M260-NC Ribbon (2)

Aviom 16 Channel private headphone system
(9 individual boxes)

Yamaha C-7 (7’ 4” ) Grand Piano w/MIDI

1959 Fender Deluxe “Tweed” (original)
1966 Fender Pro-Reverb (original)
Marshall 50 watt head
Line 6 POD XT
Mesa-Boogie Recording Pre Amp Rectifier
Marshall JMP-1 Tube Preamp

Pearl ELX Export Drumset

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